1.15. Helpful Resources

Server side installation helpful information

When installing the server side of the VOSpace service, the following information may be helpful to keep in mind.

  • The user running the service, e.g., tomcat, needs read/write/execute permissions on the local filestore where data is kept.
  • server.http.url is the external address of the service supporting HTTP-based data transfers (this version of the VOSpace service comes with an endpoint at /data which supports this)
  • server.http.basedir is the file path of the root directory for the data service
  • space.baseuri is the URI form of server.http.basedir, i.e. with “file://” scheme
  • space.identifier is the IVORN (ivo://) for the service. There is now a space.rootnode which is the VOSpace identifier (vos://) for the root node of the instance.

Changing specific settings

  • Environment settings
    VOSpace service instances can be allowed, by setting an environment variable: VOSPACE_URL. Additionally, the directory where scripts/config files are found is also set by an environment variable: VOSPACE_CAPSDIR.
  • Change the default location of the FUSE mount
    As part of the installation, this can be done by changing the value of the DEFAULT_VOSPACE_URI variable in vos.py to the node that you want as the root of the mounted tree.