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Thank you for the fantastic service.

We are still getting a lot of 500 responses from cutouts. Can you confirm if this is a valid request? Is it possible that the 500 responses have been cached even though the storage should be rebuilt and that's why we're still receiving errors?

Here is an example url we are trying: https://datalab.noirlab.edu/svc/cutout?col=nsc_dr2&siaRef=c4d_130909_005620_ooi_Y_d2.fits.fz&extn=56&POS=324.3945596713101,0.0369969807860398&SIZE=0.005555555555555556,0.005555555555555556
asked Nov 17 by Alec Koumjian | 18 views

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Hi, thanks for reaching out. We are told by the Archive team that the file system checks are still ongoing, and will likely take several weeks to complete. Until then, some files will report as missing or corrupt. But the team offered a faster turnaround: if you would be willing to send us a list of files that failed for you (for instance in a simple txt file, one file per row), the Archive team would prioritize checking and restoring those files. If that's acceptable to you, please email the list (as an attachment) to datalab@noirlab.edu, with an appropriate subject line.

Thank you for understanding, and for your patience.
answered 3 days ago by datalab (18,880 points)

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