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I am new to DATALAB. I wasn't able to copy data to any folder in vospace even locally from datalab. For eg. I have a dir1 in my root dir and wanted to copy it to vospace but it returns a permission denied error.
Also, Is it possible to read/write into any folders inside/outside vospace directory in our datalab account remotely through a python code using authentication?
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This is an example of copying file from local machine to vospace:

datalab put --fr=/home/sarah/simulations/run5.txt --to=vos://dbs/simul1.dat

But first you need to login using:

datalab login

If you want to copy a file from a folder in vospace to another folder in vospace, you need to use:

datalab cp --from=vos://dbs/test.vot --to=vos://results/test.vot

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