CatWISE2020 is an all-sky catalog of W1 and W2 band infrared measurements from the WISE and NEOWISE surveys, collected between 2010 and 2018. The catalog comprises 1,890,715,640 entries, with a 90 percent completeness depth of W1=17.7 mag and W2=17.5 mag. This dataset includes six times as many exposures and spans over 16 times as large a time baseline as the dataset used for the AllWISE catalog, i.e. the CatWISE catalog includes fainter sources and provides far more accurate measurements of their motions than AllWISE (motions are accurate at the 20 mas/yr level for W1~15 mag sources, and at the ~100 mas/yr level for W1~17 mag sources).

The original catalog is accessible from IRSA via Gator. The version at Astro Data Lab is identical, but adds the following columns for convenience: htm9, nest4096, ring256, random_id, elon, elat, glon, glat.

The catwise2020.main table has been crossmatched against our default reference datasets within a 1.5 arcsec radius, nearest neighbor only. These tables will appear with x1p5 in their name in our table browser. Example: catwise2020.x1p5__main__gaia_dr3__gaia_source.

For a full description of CatWISE2020, please see Marocco et al. (2021) or visit their website.