DECam Asteroid Database (DAD)

The DECam Asteroid Database contains a list of candidate asteroids (moving objects) from archival Dark Energy Camera (DECam) images.

As described on the DECam Asteroid Database website, the first data release included only observations from the DECam NEO Survey (P.I. Allen). The second data release supersedes the first release, and includes observations from all public DECam images that could be used with the MODS algorithm (Valdes 2017).

The second Data Release of objects and measurements is available through the Data Lab. The database and list of tables can be browsed on the Web Query Interface. On the left-hand menu, selecting the dad_dr1 database shows the list of tables, and hovering the mouse over each table shows a description. Please refer to the DECam Asteroid Database website for more information.

The DECam NEO Survey (PI Lori Allen) used DECam to measure the size distribution of Near-Earth Objects from 1 km to 10 m. The survey has measured 235 unique NEOs, implying the existence of 4 million NEOs larger than 10 m (Allen 2016). For more information on the NEO survey, see the presentation from the Science with DECam meeting.