Data Access

The DECaPS DR1 and DR2 data are accessible by a variety of means:

Data Lab Table Access Protocol (TAP) service

TAP provides a convenient access layer to the DECaPS catalog database. TAP-aware clients (such as TOPCAT) can point to, select the decaps_dr2 or decaps_dr1 database, and see the database tables and descriptions.

Data Lab Query Manager

The Query Manager is available as part of the Data Lab software distribution. The Query Manager client provides a Python API to Data Lab database services, which include authenticated access, synchronous and asynchronous queries, TAP queries, personal database storage, and storage through the Data Lab VOSpace.

Image cutouts

Image cutouts can be retrieved by constructing URLs as follows:



where "bands" is a string like "grz","gz","g", etc. Currently, the maximum size for cutouts (in number of pixels) is 512. Pixscale=0.262 will return (approximately) the native DECam pixels.

Jupyter Notebook Server

The Data Lab Jupyter Notebook server contains an example of how to access and visualize the DECaPS catalog. Please see the Galactic Structure Science Example.