The Astro Data Lab Science Platform (SP) is being developed and operated at NSF's National Optical-Infrared Astronomy Research Laboratory (NOIRLab).

Access to the Astro Data Lab Science Platform (SP)

Access to and availability of all services, datasets, user storage, compute resources and other components of the SP are provided at no cost to professional astronomers, educators of astronomy and their students, and to any member of the public interested in astronomy including enthusiast/amateur astronomers, provided their interest in the Astro Data Lab is related to research, for instance within a citizen science project.

Use of certain features of the SP (e.g. user storage and cross-matching service) requires a registered user account with Astro Data Lab. Registration of a user account is at the discretion of Astro Data Lab and NOIRLab. Astro Data Lab reserves the right to suspend a user account if deemed necessary.

All access is provided on a best-effort basis with no guaranteed service level.

Use of Astro Data Lab services and resources constitutes agreement with these terms.