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Hi. I am performing a substantial query of Gaia eDR3 (and putting the Datalab query interface through its paces).  I actually executed this query successfully a few weeks ago (and have a rough expectation for the time necessary to execute the query as well as the anticipated result file size).  Yet, I initiated it yesterday and no result has been retrieved.  The job status states that the query is "executing".  It seems to be hanging.  I have a screen grab if necessary.  I can go through the command line interface if recommended.
asked Jul 9 by jsobeck (120 points)
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Hi, thanks for reaching out. Yes, please send the query in question, and/or a minimal notebook reproducing your problem. You can email it to datalab@noirlab.edu. Any screenshots of error messages etc are very helpful too.

answered Jul 13 by robertdemo (2,340 points)

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