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I am trying to download LS DR8 images via the web interface. The attached screenshot shows the query output for RA, Decl. = 176.7669883 19.550795, a field covered by DESI LS. The thumbnails are empty which suggests that something is not working. Indeed, the download does not return any images. If I change it to a different image source (e.g,. NOAO), I get the same result.

Is there any technical problem with the download server? Is there any alternative to download LS images? I tried the python datalab package but this doesn't work either. :(


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Hi Steve,  Thanks for letting us know.  The cutout tool was trying to access a database that is currently being rebuilt, it's been switched to the backup server and should be working again.  Please let us know if the problems continue.
by datalab (20.8k points)
Hi, Thanks a lot for your quick reply! :)

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