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I keep getting timeouts when I synchronously query the NSC DR2 catalog. It can't be due to my queries, as it happens even with radial queries of only a few arseconds. A week ago, all of my queries were working fine. Since a couple of days, it's a real pain to get even a few queries correctly executed.
asked Aug 13 by anonymous | 43 views

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Hi, thank you for reaching out.

Please provide a minimal example that reproduces the problem you are having, i.e. the query string, and how you invoke it. For instance, a minimal Jupyter notebook is very helpful. You can email it to datalab@noirlab.edu
Posting the minimal code needed to reproduce the problem here is also OK.

Thank you,
answered Aug 13 by datalab (12,020 points)
Hi, thank you for the info and example. I think we'll need even more specifics, since I can run your example query (the http request) many times and always get a result.

It would be helpful in diagnosing if you could show us how you are "running batches of about 50 occurrences", e.g. if you could show or email (to datalab@noirlab.edu) a minimal script, notebook, or whatever you are using, that reproduces the errors you are experiencing.

Are you for instance submitting 50 such queries in parallel? If the server is otherwise busy, this may lead to congestion or connection pool exhaustion issues. But, we can only diagnose if we know more details.

Thank you for your help in chasing this down.

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