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I know that Legacy DR9 was built on DR8 with NOIRLab Pipeline, however, I would like to know, why z-band is missing, e.g. for this object with coordinates ra=181.1970, dec=-2.719?
On DR8 I obtain all three bands (g,r,z) but on DR9 only (g,r).

asked Aug 30 by lagrangiana (250 points)
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Hello, I can confirm that the z-band image layer seems to be missing in the current SIA for LS DR9 for this location (thank you for letting us know!). We will get back to you when it is available. In the meantime, you can use a workaround based on the Legacy Survey sky viewer, and retrieve the three bands (g,r,z) in a FITS file. You can adjust the size in terms of number of pixels directly in the URL (example set to 300) though there is a maximum allowed size: https://www.legacysurvey.org/viewer/cutout.fits?ra=181.1967&dec=-2.7203&layer=ls-dr9&pixscale=0.25&size=300
answered Aug 31 by Stephanie (Data Lab team member)
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Thanks for your feedback! I am not sure if this happens to other bricks (or tiles?), but I let you know if I find that.

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