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I tried to use mydb_index to create a Q3C index on a large table, but it just returns 'OK' after a second.  I tried again with async_=True expecting the return value to be a jobid but again it just returned 'OK'.  Is this perhaps because the index already exists?  What would be a good way to check the indexing of tables in mydb using the dl python module?

Similarly, if I create a new table from a query on a table that is already indexed, will the new table inherit the Q3C index such that there is no reason to run mydb_index?

Thanks much!
asked Oct 15 by jrmarv (120 points) | 32 views

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Hi, thanks for reaching out.

Creating the index with mydb_index only works in sync mode indeed. While the call returns quickly, the process might take a while in the background. It's a one-time "fire and forget" kind of call.

To your other question: no, indices from a mother table are not propagated to a table created from it.

We hope this is helpful. Please let us know if we can help further.

answered Nov 10 by robertdemo (2,880 points)

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