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Im doing the following xmatch with a mydb table I have uploaded called test.

query = "SELECT aw.designation, xm.id1, xm.distance, " \
              "des.ra, des.dec, des.mag_auto_g, des.mag_auto_r, " \
               "des.mag_auto_i, des.mag_auto_z, des.mag_auto_y " \
               "FROM mydb://test as aw, des_dr1.mag as des, des_dr1.x1p5__main__allwise__source as xm " \
               "WHERE aw.source_id=xm.id2 AND xm.id1=des.coadd_object_id"

qc.query(query, fmt='csv', out="vos://test.csv")

When running this query in sync mode it works. When its run in async mode:

qc.query(query, fmt='csv', out="vos://test.csv", async_=True, wait=True, poll=1, timeout=3000)

I get the following error:

Error: IllegalArgumentException: Table [ mydb."test_2916" AS aw ] is not found in TapSchema

As you can see test_2916 is not the name I specified in the query.

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