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I uploaded a table to MyDB and it says:

Upload started.
File uploaded. Waiting for response.

Progress: 100%

but then I don't see the table in the X-match Service.

I did it before with another table and it worked perfectly. This one is bigger though, so maybe it takes time to appear in MyDB?

Thanks a lot,


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Hi, thanks for reaching out. The web-based CSV upload tool is a bit strict about correct formatting of the CSV file... Could you maybe post the first few rows from your file here? (or, even better, email the first rows as a CSV to us at datalab@noirlab.edu and we'll take a look).

If the CSV is formatted correctly though, the datalab command-line utility can be sometimes better suited for uploading to mydb. You can install it via:

pip install --ignore-installed --no-cache-dir noaodatalab

Then, log in once:

datalab login
# enter username and password

and finally upload your CSV to mydb:

datalab mydb_import table='mytablename' data=./mytable.csv

And please be patient... After the upload seems to have completed (e.g., no more traffic in your network monitor), the prompt might still appear to be hanging; it is waiting for a response from the server, which will be sent once the table is really ready to use in mydb (for large tables this can take a while!).

Hoping that this is useful. Please let us know if we can assist further.


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