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Hi, I asked early about the image cutout. It is working now after I reboot my computer. However, I have another question.

I see 3 proctypes with processed data, InstCal, SkySub and Resampled. Which one is the final product? In other word, is one of the three zero-point calibrated, so that I could measure photometry directly on these cutout images?

asked Nov 8 by ting | 7 views

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The answer depends somewhat on the instrument used, although in general you should use the SkySub or Resampled images, InstCal for the Mosaic cameras is instrument calibration with some rough WCS and photometric calibration, however for NEWFIRM data it does include sky subtraction.  In the ideal case you should use Stack images which have been fully calibrated.

For details you can refer to the NOAO Data Handbook (https://noirlab.edu/science/sites/default/files/media/archives/documents/scidoc1203.pdf)
answered Nov 8 by datalab (12,420 points)

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