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So I tried to retrieve some data from ls_dr9.tractor_n using the following code: 


aquery = """
        SELECT ra
        FROM   ls_dr9.tractor_n
        WHERE  (dered_mag_z > 16.0 and dered_mag_z < 23.0 and dered_mag_w1 != 'NaN' and dered_mag_w2 != 'NaN'  
               and dered_mag_w1 != 'Infinity' and dered_mag_w2 != 'Infinity' and shape_r < 1.0 and snr_g < 3.0
               and snr_w1 > 3.0 and dered_mag_g > 24.0 or dered_flux_g < 0.0)
        LIMIT 10000

### ls_dr8.tractor is the main catalog combining both north and south

### async mode returns jobid
jobid = qc.query(token, adql=aquery, format='pandas', async_=True, timeout=3600, out='vos://LS_DR8N_part2.csv')
status = ''
while (status != 'COMPLETED' and status != 'ERROR'):
    status = qc.status(token,jobid)

print ('error message ', qc.error(token,jobid)) 

df = convert(response,'pandas')


But no matter what I select and how I set the limit, it always yields that confusing "error: list index out of range". I thought about the possibility that it's the jobid or convert part which might be wrong, though it did not appear to me how I could change those parts. And I would really appreciate any advice on the code. 

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Hi, thanks for reaching out. A few fixes to how you invoke your query should fix the problem:

- If you have a LIMIT like 10000, the query runs fast enough for sync mode.

- Note also that to get a pandas dataframe, the argument is 'fmt' (not 'format').

- If you wish to write out the result to a CSV file on vospace, I think you must also use fmt='csv' (which is the default by the way).

- If you are asking for a pandas dataframe as the returned result, you don't do a manual .convert() afterwards, since you already have a dataframe.

- Finally, your query string is SQL, not ADQL (in ADQL you'd use 'SELECT TOP 10000 ...' instead of '... LIMIT 10000' for instance).

So, these all work for me:

df = qc.query(sql=aquery, fmt='pandas') # with LIMIT 10000 takes 0.4s

Or with manual conversion:

res = qc.query(sql=aquery, fmt='csv')
df = convert(res, outfmt='pandas')

If you wanted to write out a CSV file:

res = qc.query(sql=aquery, fmt='csv', out='vos://my_file1.csv')

which you can then retrieve and convert at any time with:

from dl import storeClient as sc
data = sc.get('vos://my_file1.csv')
df = convert(data)

Finally, for longer runs, the async version, writing out to a CSV file on vospace (plus a trick to do the async-wait-loop automatically):

res = qc.query(sql=aquery, fmt='csv', async_=True, wait=True, verbose=True, poll=10, out='vos://my_file2.csv')
df = convert(res)

Hope this is helpful. Let us know if you encounter more problems.


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