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In particular, I would like to use the sia.SIAService to access all of the survey options provided in the pulldown here => https://datalab.noirlab.edu/sia.php  and hence get access to those images.

This does not seem to be very well documented, or at least it has thwarted my level of google search prowess thus far. The dwarf galaxy notebook provides an example for smash_dr1, but most of the sia.php options are far more obscure.

asked Dec 13, 2021 by franzbauer (120 points) | 12 views

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Hi Franz,

the dropdown list on sia.php is indeed incomplete, we should improve that. If you are using the DL notebook server, you can list all available SIA services with

from dl import queryClient as qc

And if you have the 'datalab' CLI installed locally (please make sure to update to the latest v2.20.0), then just do:

datalab services svc_type=sia

Both spit out a list that has short descriptions of the SIA services.

And of course, using the NB or CLI APIs allows you to script your image searches. There's an example NB in the collection (plus several other NBs have smaller examples): https://github.com/noaodatalab/notebooks-latest/tree/master/04_HowTos/SiaService/

Hope this is helpful,


answered Dec 13, 2021 by robertdemo (3,000 points)

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