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Hi, I am trying to use HEALpix in a jupyter notebook and get the error

ModuleNotFoundError: No module named 'astropy_healpix'

From previous questions/answers to this helpdesk, I find the indication to use a  '!pip install astropy-healpix inside a notebook cell. It does not work, even if I restart the notebooks: apparently pip does its job but the ModuleNotFoundError comes back again and again.

asked Dec 20, 2021 by Leo | 11 views

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answered Dec 20, 2021 by robertdemo (3,000 points)
Sorry but it does not work, even if I restart the section. I pip-install astropy-healpix using that %%bash command, but then whatever use of astropy_healpix (note: there's no typo here) continues giving me a ModuleNotFoundError.
Thanks anyway, Leo

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