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Hi, I have a problem with the q3c_dist function, for some reason the jsqlparser throw a ParseException:

Error: IllegalArgumentException: net.sf.jsqlparser.JSQLParserException JSQLParserException: ParseException: Encountered "(" at line 1, column 98. Was expecting one of: <EOF> "ASC" ... "DESC" ... "LIMIT" ... "OFFSET" ... ";" ... "," ... "." ... "UNION" ...

Seems don't recognize that function because without these I dont have problems. The code for this :

ssql = '''SELECT * FROM decaps_dr1.object AS g WHERE q3c_join(10, 20, g.ra, g.dec, 0) ORDER BY q3c_dist(0, 0, 0, 0)'''

jobid = qc.query(sql=ssql, async_=True)

while qc.status(jobid) != 'COMPLETED':




The version of the datalab package :

noaodatalab               2.20.0 


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I have detected that the problem is with the async_ flag. In sync mode doesn't exist the problem.

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Hi Paolo, thanks for reaching out, and apologies for the long response time.

Indeed, in async mode a Q3C functions such as q3c_dist() can currently not be used within ORDER BY. I you can live without it in an ORDER BY, the rest should work in async mode as well, e.g.:

ssql = '''SELECT * FROM decaps_dr1.object AS g WHERE q3c_join(13.92, -0.14, g.ra, g.dec, 0.01)'''
jobid = qc.query(sql=ssql, async_=True)

Note that the last argument to q3c_join() is the matching radius, i.e. it should not be zero as in your example. Also note that for your example coordinate ra/dec = 10/20 I don't seem to find any nearby matches, so I adjusted the example coordinates a bit in my example.

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