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I am trying to download some cut image from DELVE survey using the SIA service. But it seems that there is no dedicated SIA URL for DELVE (I also checked with the following commands):

from dl import queryClient as qc

So, I am writing to ask is there a way to download DELVE cutout images using other method from DataLab or could you help to enable the DELVE DR2 SIA service?



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Hi, thanks for reaching out. There is indeed no SIA service for DELVE DR1 and DR2 (the data releases that have been produced by DELVE so far), but it is planned to have one for DR3 and DR4; DR3 is currently planned for Jan 2023.

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Other method to download DELVE images
Adding this comment here as well...

As Robert mentioned in response to the related question, DELVE uses the DES Data Management pipeline to reduce the images, so the reduced image products are not currently accessible from the SIA service. However, It should be possible to get the corresponding Community Pipeline reductions of most images that were used to produce the DELVE catalog. There is an example doing this near the end of the DELVE example notebook here:

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