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Sorry, I haven't been able to find a clear example in the documentation or the forum on how to do this. I did try, for instance:


and this returns

"Error: global name 'profile' is not defined

Also tried introducing the token in the arguments, as the command help suggests.
asked Jun 8 by nsevilla (320 points)
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Hi thanks for reaching out. I confirm that I, too, get the "global name 'profile' is not defined" message when I try to use qc.abort(jobId). We are investigating the issue and will post a resolution here.
answered Jun 13 by robertdemo (4,000 points)
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Sorry for the long reply to this, however this problem should now be fixed on our production systems.  Please let us know if you still have an issue.
answered Aug 8 by datalab (17,680 points)
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I tried aborting a job myself. After printing all jobs with


 and picking a jobId that is still 'EXECUTING'


returns the error message

"Error: global name 'headers' is not defined" 
answered Aug 10 by martinkb (520 points)

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