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I stored my data from VO space to mydb storage. However, each time I try to select the data from mydb:

print (qc.mydb_list('mydb://datao')), 

I get the error: 

relation "mydb://datao" not known
Also, each time I chaeck the mydb:
It outputs all the data in mydb storage but I cannot select the data nor crossmatch with NOAO catalogues.
What do I do?
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Hi Dan,

Thanks for contacting us.  The root of the problem is that the table appears to have been created with a mydb_import() call (or perhaps from the crossmatch web tool) that tried to import a table from your VOSpace storage which doesn't exist (vos://trans/G318.5+000IFx_Mosaic_Mom0_comp.csv).  In fact, other similar tables based on that file do show up in your mydb, but all have zero rows.  There is also an issue with table names being mixed upper-lower case and invalid characters such as '-' or '+' that may prevent you from seeing the table at all (or by the name you think you've used).

There doesn't appear to be any way to recover the file since it doesn't appear in any of our backups.  Requests to the Storage Manager for that file (presumably from the mydb_import()) also show up as failing, so it may not have existed at all.  At this point, all I can recommend is that you try to upload the file to vospace once again and retry the imports.  I can manually delete the existing files from your MyDB beforehand if you would like.


by datalab (20.2k points)
Thanks Mike. Sorted now. I think mydb.import() is finding it difficult to import csv files. Anyways, I imported votable files this time successfully.


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