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I am trying to get files from the GNIRS DQS file service using:

storeClient.get(fr = 'gnirs_dqs://013417.81-005036.2.txt', to = './013417.81-005036.2.txt')

But I am getting an error

['Error: The requested target URI is invalid']

Though I can see that this file exists in the file service when I do storeClient.ls('gnirs_dqs://')

asked Sep 12 by anonymous | 13 views

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Thanks for reaching out. I ran your exact code snippet under my account and the file transfer worked correctly...
Can you please check a few things:
- That the 'minus' sign in the file name is actually '-'? (sometimes, when for instance copy-pasting from a PDF, these characters might be looking the same, but aren't.
- This shouldn't matter, but for good measure: could you please try to log out and log in again, and also try to get a new token in the Jupyter notebook via:

from getpass import getpass
from dl import authClient as ac
token = ac.login(input("User name [+ENTER]: ), getpass("Password [+ENTER]: "))

Then try storeClient.get() again.

Please note that we know of one current bug that throws the "invalid URL" error when a file name has a '+' sign in it. We expect a fix very shortly.

Please let us know if your current problem was solved by the recommended steps. We will continue to help if it hasn't solved it.
answered Sep 12 by datalab (17,680 points)

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