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I researched 1E 0657-56, and I am very happy that LS DR 10 covered this cluster region!

So now I am looking forward to the release date.

I have two questions.

(1) What is the plan for the LS DR10? I want to know the date of releasing data.

(2) If the date is far from now, Is there any method to access the data before releasing it? I am a graduate student of astronomy(Yonsei university, Seoul, Korea)

Thank you for your help.
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Hello, thanks for reaching out.

We are awaiting the LS DR10 catalogs from the survey team. Once we have them, we will ingest and index them, and perform quality assurance tests. While we don't yet know the exact dates, we are hopeful that we will be able to start serving LS DR10 sometime in December (2022).

Thank you for your interest and patience.
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Thanks for your helping!

I am glad the data is soon.

I have one more naive question.

"LS DR10 catalogs" include "the image"?

Because I focus on gravitational lensing, so I need an image file.


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