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Hello, our cutouts code that uses SIAService to find and download cutouts is still returning a large number of images missing. I know there was some storage maintenance going on several weeks ago. Is this still impacting the service?
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Hi, thanks for reaching out. We just inquired with with the Archive staff and have been told that the file consistency checks are ongoing in the background, and that it will likely take several more weeks until all files have been verified and/or restored from backups. We appreciate your patience.
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Hi, small addendum / possibly faster fix for your issue: if you would be willing to send us a list of files that failed for you (for instance in a simple txt file, one file per row), the Archive team offered to prioritize checking and restoring those files. If that's acceptable to you, please email the list (as an attachment) to datalab@noirlab.edu, with an appropriate subject line.

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