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I am researching on Bullet cluster.

So I am downloading the data, PI is Frieman, and PROP ID is "2012B-0001" and "2012B-0003"

The First Question is this.

In DESI Legacy survey DR1 ~ DR9, there is no bullet cluster region(RA=104.611, DEC=-55.948).

But the data observed in 2012 using DECam is located in the Bullet cluster region(the filter name includes "SDSS").

I thought that all the data taken by DECam was included in the DESI Legacy survey, but the data is in PROPID=2012B and is not in DR9. Was I mistaken?

The second question is this.

How to get the paper about Proposal ID = 2012B-0001 and Proposal ID = 2012B-0003 (Both PI is Frieman)?

I appreciate any help you can provide.
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Hi, thank you for reaching out.

Please note that there are various DECam programs besides the DESI Legacy Surveys program, i.e. it's not safe to assume that any particular PROP ID would be included in a DESI Legacy Survey data release.

For questions regarding the content of LS DR9, please refer to the LS team. Information can be found at https://www.legacysurvey.org/contact/

Finally, regarding your question about "a paper", I'm not sure what you are asking. A science paper? The observational proposal? Can you please clarify?

Thank you.
answered 4 days ago by datalab (18,880 points)

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