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Hello, I am researching on Bullet cluster. So I downloaded the DECam data of which region covers the Bullet cluster(104.611, -55.948).

But I wonder about two things.

(1) Legacy Imageing Survey DR1 ~ DR9, DECam hasn't taken the Bullet cluster's region(DR10 takes the region but it isn't released yet).
But there is the bullet cluster's obs. data in 2012(Proposal ID: 2012B-0001, 2012B-0003. PI is "Frieman")
Does this mean DECam conduct the other observation except for Legacy Imaging Survey?

(2) I want to download the paper related to "Proposal ID: 2012B-0001, 2012B-0003"
I don't know if the paper exists or not whenever there is a proposal.
If there is no paper, Could I see the proposal? because I want to see the reason why the PI submit the proposal.

Thank you for reading my question.

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