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Hello! Recently, I've downloaded numerous image cutouts corresponding to archival images from DECam (Stacked, Resampled and/or InstCal), but I now realize that I might have some use for the concominant data, specifically the weight maps.

What's the best way to find the corresponding weight map given a FITS file that I currently have? Best I could do was repeat my original search and modify my queries so that they searched for wtmaps while looking for the same OBSID, but not every file has that keyword in the header it seems. There's other keywords like "WTMAP" or "EXPMAP" which appear to be filenames, but I don't know if there's a way to specifically search for these and retrieve a cutout.

For example, I made a cutout on:

FILENAME= 'DEC13A_20130531_866800f-g-20130602T001044_si'

And I'd be trying to make a cutout on:

WTMAP   = 'DEC13A_20130531_866800f-g-20130602T001044_sw[tile22]'   

Thanks in advance!


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