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I guess I still don't get how to use VOspace in JupyterLab to upload (.csv) files from my own pc. No matter if I authenticate via authClient and enter my username and password to get a token or simply call 'sc.mkdir('directory')' without it, it always creates a directory in '/dlusers/martinkb/vospace' which belongs to user and group tomcat.

When I try to upload a file into such a directory it understandibly throws a permission error.

How would I create a directory in my vospace directory where I could upload files to? By the way, I can create directories in '/dlusers/martinkb' belonging to my user.

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Hi, thanks for reaching out. The remote file storage (vospace) must be accessed using the storeClient (sc). You already used it to create a directory in your vospace (sc.mkdir('directory')). To write files to your vospace please use sc.put(fr='path/to/myfile',to='vos://directory/myfile'). To read a file from your vospace, use sc.get(fr,to).

The directory 'vospace/' that you see inside your notebook space is just a read-only mounted symlink for convenience. Again, to write to or read from a directory in your vospace, you need to use sc.put() and sc.get().

If you're writing or accessing from the command line of your own machine (using the datalab cmd line client), the syntax is very similar:

datalab put fr=path/to/myfile to=vos://directory/myfile

Hope this is helpful. Please let us know if we can assist further.

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Tried using storeClient for upload but it didn't work

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