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Dear Noirlab admins. I try to send a TAP query from TopCat, and always get the following response from your TAP server:

java.io.IOException: NullPointerException:
 at uk.ac.starlink.vo.TapQuery.readResultVOTable(TapQuery.java:671)
 at uk.ac.starlink.vo.TapQuery.executeSync(TapQuery.java:246)
 at uk.ac.starlink.vo.TapTableLoadDialog$6.loadTables(TapTableLoadDialog.java:539)
 at uk.ac.starlink.table.gui.TableLoadWorker.run(TableLoadWorker.java:118)

All queries fail like that, even those from examples. Service URL is https://datalab.noirlab.edu/tap/ , and metadata loads nicely... What could be wrong?

by minzastro (360 points) | 93 views

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Your queries appear to be using the ADQL geometry functions (e.g. CIRCLE, POINT, etc).  Unfortunately, these are not supported by our TAP service and are the cause of the error message.  Note also that newer versions of TOPCAT use ADQL 2.1 as a default which can also lead to an error, be sure to select ADQL 2.0 as the query language in the tap service panel.

Please let us know if you continue to have problems.
by datalab (20.8k points)
Even a simple query like "SELECT TOP 1000 * FROM allwise.source" fails. Same for python astroquery TAP package, so it's not a TOPCAT issue.

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