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Hello,   I would like to access DESI public data and to learn how to do this I downloaded this notebook: 01_Intro_to_DESI_EDR.ipynb

However, there are packages that are specific to DESI and the notebook crashes:

ModuleNotFoundError                       Traceback (most recent call last)
Cell In[2], line 2
      1 # DESI targeting masks - 
----> 2 from desitarget.sv1 import sv1_targetmask    # For SV1
      3 from desitarget.sv2 import sv2_targetmask    # For SV2
      4 from desitarget.sv3 import sv3_targetmask    # For SV3

ModuleNotFoundError: No module named 'desitarget'

I don't see anywhere obvious on the DESI pages where to find this software.

I would also like to ask if the following NOIRLab software is easily accessible:
## DataLab related modules
from sparcl.client import SparclClient
from dl import queryClient as qc

as it is part of the same box where the previous instructions failed;
For the benefits of other users, would there be an easy way to let them know what are the software requirements to run successfully this notebook and where it can be obtained (or should it only be run within the DataLab environment ?)
Many thanks!
Christopher Willmer Steward Observatory

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Thanks Robert!  I was unaware I could run the NB on DataLab (of course, a much better solution)! My bad.

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Hi Christopher,

thanks for reaching out. The Data Lab notebooks can in principle run anywhere where you have the necessary software packages installed. All the data queries and calls happen to the Data Lab servers.

On the Data Lab notebook server / environment, we take care of all that software business. Plus, the NB server lives close to the data that you are most likely interested in.

If you still want to run a DL NB on your local machine, you will have to install whatever the NB needs. That is, everything that the 'Import' cells are importing, plus their dependencies (but the dependencies are usually taken care of when you use pip or conda to install packages).


pip install astro-datalab
pip install sparclclient

For 'desitarget', please check out: https://github.com/desihub/desitarget

Hope this helps. Please don't hesitate to ask any further questions.


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