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Hi there,

I've been struggling to use the Jupyterlab interface for a while now trying to work out how I can obtain spectral FITS files from Data Lab for a while now. I have a query which produces a dataframe of objects with specobjids that fit into certain criteria. I then wish to be able to output the FITS files of spectra for these objects, renaming them to match the specobjid, all into one file on VOSpace so I can download them at once.

My first issue was that the FITS output option simply would not allow me to output the desired spectra into my VOSpace to allow me to produce a FITS file for me to download, no matter what I tried, or where the output location was. I then moved onto trying to output the spectra files as numpy arrays, then use astropy.io to convert these into FITS files which I can then save to Jupyterlab and send to the VOSpace (because trying to save them directly to VOSpace raised permissions errors). This worked for specific specobjs as of Friday (1st of September), and I was working to produce a loop to allow this to be automated.

However today, as of returning to Jupyterlab I am now getting new JSON and Type errors, so I cannot even work on the code that used to work. I went back to your explanatory demo notebooks, and 03_GettingStartedWithSpectra.html (updated yesterday) itself does not work. The cell:

id_list = spec.query(30.0, 1.0, 0.025)

print (str(id_list))

Raises an error:

TypeError: string indices must be integers

Which I know that it did not, as of last Friday. Can you help me understand what has happened with the notebook, but also, is there an easier way for me to obtain all of the FITS files that does not involve fighting Jupyterlab?

Kind regards,


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Oh good, I was about to reply regarding SPARCL. Let us know if we can help with anything.

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