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I work using the Jupyter Notebook Service. I had a file created and saved it as desrfmodels.ipynb and have been running this notebook for months. Today, I received an error: File Load Error for desrfmodels.ipynb

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Hi mainadesai,

The good news is that the file is not corrupted. We could open it with no problems. We don't know why you get that error. What we suggest is that you shutdown to server and restart afresh and let us know if the problem persists.



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In this particular case I was able to copy the notebook file to my own account and open it normally.  While investigating the issue I found other users with a similar problem but with notebook files that could not be opened.

There is a known issue where closing a notebook file before it has been properly saved can leave the JSON file with lines such as:

<<<<<<< HEAD

    "__version__ = '20230830' \n",


    "__version__ = '20230818' \n",

>>>>>>> master

It is the '<<<', '===' and '>>>" lines that are the problem. By opening a terminal and the file with an editor and removing these lines you can fix the file.  Hope this helps.

Alternatively, you could recover an earlier version from the '.ipynb_checkpoints" directory but there is no guarantee a checkpoint file will exist.

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