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Hello, I'm posting on behalf of one of my students.

She is having problems with jupyterlabs, lately it won't save her changes to the notebooks. She saves them using "File -> Save file", but 2 days later when she opens the notebook, all the changes she made are not shown.

Is this a server error? Is there any way she can recover the notebooks?

Any help would be appreciated.
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Thank you for reaching out. I suspect the student might be trying to run the notebooks in a read-only directory maybe? For instance, the notebooks-latest/ directory is read-only. If that's the case, please create a new directory and run a notebook there.

Please let us know if this was the issue, or if you are still experiencing the issue. For further investigation we'd also need the account name.

Best regards,
by robertdemo (7.9k points)
No, she's not inside a read-only directory. Her user is victoriaacosta
Our logs show:

OSError: [Errno 30] Read-only file system: '/home/jail/dlusers/victoriaacosta/notebooks-latest/.ipynb_checkpoints'

i.e., this is in the read-only 'notebooks-latest/' directory.

We aren't seeing any other errors with this user account.

Can you please doubly verify that the student is indeed *not* in the notebooks-latest/ directory?
Yes, we checked with her if we could save changes in a notebook from /notebooks-latest/ (we couldn't), and if we could save changes in her classwork notebook (in a folder called "Sistemas Estelares", probably, I don't have the name right now, but that's the name of the course), in the latest, we could save the work. But we don't know if the next time she starts the server it will load that version of her notebook or an older one.
We had a class last Tuesday (October 17th), and around 18:00 (21:00 GMT) she saved her work, closed the tab, and left. Today (October 19th) at 11:30hs (14:30 GMT) she started the server, and her code didn't show the changes she made two days ago.
It's not in a read-only directory at all.
This course is taught in Spanish and we cannot expect the student to post here in English, so I'm sorry I can't give you more information.
Hello, I wanted to check if your student still has the problem with saving? If yes, we could have a Zoom session with screen sharing, to diagnose the problem. Please let us know
Best regards,
Hello. Thankfully, the saving problem hasn't appeared again. Thank you for asking.

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