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I am looking to use the xmatch service of one of my data tables I uploaded to match with desi_edr but the desi table is not showing in the tables available. How can I cross match my data table with the desi_edr one?
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Thank you for alerting us to this oversight. We have now added the desi_edr.zpix table to the web Xmatch tool.

Note that you can also do cross-matches in the Jupyter notebook. We have examples of this in our NB collection, e.g. this one: https://github.com/astro-datalab/notebooks-latest/blob/master/04_HowTos/CrossmatchTables/How_to_crossmatch_tables.ipynb

Using this approach you can crossmatch against any table you wish.

Let us know if you encounter further issues.
by robertdemo (8.3k points)

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