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Dear Astro Datalab team, 

I get a URL error when trying to retrieve DES DR2 images via the SIA service. Is this related to the naming mismatch between archive files and the SIA tables mentioned above for NSC DR2 ? 

This issue only affects DES DR2, URLs of other surveys such as DES DR1, NSC DR2 work fine.

Here is a sample error message: 

URLError: <urlopen error Verification of TLS/SSL certificate at https://datalab.noao.edu/svc/cutout?col=des_dr2&siaRef=DES2144-3957_r4575p01_g.fits.fz&extn=1&POS=326.498107,-39.76611&SIZE=0.13009619160290598,0.1 failed

Best regards


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Thanks for your message.  The SIA tables were recently updated however the old access_url field was used (i.e. 'noao.edu' instead of 'noirlab.edu').  This has now been corrected, please try your query again and let us know if you continue to have problems.
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Many thanks for your quick reply. The problem is fixed.

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