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Hi, I'm new to the Data Lab. It's amazing. Now I'm trying to do some Bayesian inference with the Jupyter notebook server. And I need to import the module PyMC3. But it seems to me that this module has not been installed on the server, has it?

asked Mar 6, 2018 by shuxu | 443 views

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This is a logical module to include in the Data Lab code base and so it has been added to the notebook server.  Note you will likely need to restart your kernel, or perhaps logout/back in entirely, to pick up the change.

If you find additional modules that need to be installed, please let us know.
answered Mar 6, 2018 by datalab (16,800 points)
The same thing happened to me. I'd like to use the module "win32com.client" to use a (virtual) telescope using the ZTF Alerts. Thank you!

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