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As stated above, I don't see these tables in the drop down menu in the Xmatch tool. Is this functionality coming, or is it easy to add? PS: When is the LS_dr_8 (which combines all of the surveys) being released?

Thanks a bunch!
by mattcwilde (180 points) | 319 views

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ls_dr6 and ls_dr7 tables are available in Xmatch tools now. Thank you for your patience!
by datalab (21.2k points)
Thank you! Still having one problem with the dr7 table however: After selecting the 'ls_dr7' dataset and selecting the 'ls_dr7.tractor_table' table, I can't seem to select the RA and DEC columns which are required to submit. These problems don't appear to be happening with dr6
ls_dr7 has some maintenance happening in the background;  when that is completed you will be able to select tractor table and the RA and Dec columns will be available.  Probably after this weekend I'm afraid.  You still can query against it though.
Awesome, thank you!

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