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I have successfully used the qc.query() interface to issue small synchronous queries, cross matching an uploaded table to the ls_dr7.tractor table. Great!

However, using exactly the same SQL command, when I attempt to make the query asynchronous:

> jobid=qc.query(token, ..., async=True)

I receive:

> qc.status(token,jobid)



> qc.error(token,jobid)

"Error: global name 'profile' is not defined"

Any ideas?

asked Jul 25, 2019 by dwelly (140 points) | 414 views

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This problem was caused by a combination of errors, all of which should now be fixed.  Please post back if you continue to have problems.
answered Jul 30, 2019 by datalab (12,980 points)
Great, it works perfectly now. Many thanks!

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