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I'm trying to crossmatch the catalogs on the Datalab platform (decaps, legacy, etc) with my own list of around 300k rows of ras and decs. Is this possible using the interface that the Datalab Query allows you to manipulate with? I haven't had much luck attempting to do it but I may just be on the wrong track. Any help is appreciated in advance. Thanks!
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Hi, thanks for reaching out. I think our web x-match service can help: https://datalab.noao.edu/xmatch.php

Be logged in, upload your CSV table (it must have one header line and then your comma-separated rows, and the columns must include ra and dec). Then select your table (from mydb), tell it what are the ra and dec columns, and which of your columns you want to keep in the x-matched result table. Then do the same for one of the DL-hosted tables. Finally, toggle your x-matching and output preferences, and hit Submit. 300k rows should match fairly quickly.

Hope this helps!

Robert for the Data Lab team
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