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When using the X-match tool to query the LS dr8 south tractor catalog, the service now always hangs and gives an timeout code: `Error: Query timeout at 300 sec`
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Hi Matt, thanks for reaching out.

I can't seem to be able to reproduce your problem without further information. I just tried to match 10 sources from ls_dr8.tractor_s with itself using the x-match web service, and it worked fine. Could you please provide a minimal example, e.g. a CSV table that you are trying to match, and the specific choices for the various fields in the xmatch tool? If you need to provide a CSV file, you can simply email it to datalab@noao.edu , referring to this Helpdesk post. We'll take it from there.

Thank you,

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Hey Robert,

The service seems to be working now for me as well. Thanks for looking at it.

Glad to help. It was probably a glitch in the operation of the system. Thank you for alerting us to it.

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