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I get this error when trying to download images in your example notebook. I get the same error when i run queries for my own images.
asked Apr 8, 2020 by bindahl (120 points) | 501 views

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Hi, thank you for reaching out. Could you please say which notebook specifically? (as several notebooks perform image cutouts). I just tested the one in 01_GettingStartedWithDataLab/02_GettingStartedWithDataLab.ipynb and it appears to be working fine.

Please also, just in case, make sure you are running the latest notebooks. You can get the latest copies by opening a Terminal (from Jupyter dashboard, click New-->Terminal), and there type:

getlatest foobar

(use whatever name you like for the target directory, here it's foobar).

Then run the notebook there. Still the same problem?


answered Apr 8, 2020 by datalab (18,940 points)
I am running the same notebook as you and getting this error on the line:

gimage = io.fits.getdata(utils.data.download_file(url,cache=True,show_progress=False,timeout=120))

I followed your instructions and created the folder foobar with the latest notebooks. I ran the same notebook from inside that folder and got the same error on the same line.
We had a database connection issue that is now been resolved. Please try it again and let us know if the error still exists. Thanks!
It is working for me now. Thanks!

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