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I used my notebook to crossmatch with ls_dr8 as usual, but at first all queries began to work very slowly, and then after each import the following error began to appear:

Error importing MyDB table: could not connect to server: Connection refused
	Is the server running on host "db02.datalab.noao.edu" ( and accepting
	TCP/IP connections on port 5433?

and after each action with existing table:

queryClientError: Error: QM: MyDB table bricks does not exist

How can I solve this problem?

Thank you in advance

asked Oct 19, 2020 by vtoptun (220 points) | 107 views

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Hi, please bear with us as we are completing a small maintenance cycle (including a reboot).

answered Oct 19, 2020 by robertdemo (2,340 points)
selected Oct 19, 2020 by vtoptun

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