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I am not still able to access DES_DR2.main

Not working for me with TAP or web based.

Also it is still missing in XMATCH server.

TAP execution error: PSQLException: ERROR: could not open file "pg_tblspc/37208/PG_13_202007201/16384/2951105": No such file or directory

Example search:

SELECT Ra, dec, mag_auto_r,  mag_auto_g,  mag_auto_i,  mag_auto_y, mag_auto_z

FROM des_dr2.main

where mag_auto_g BETWEEN 15 and 15.1
and mag_auto_r BETWEEN 15 and 15.1
and snr_r > 70
and flags_r < 4
asked Feb 4 by kanilamppu (130 points) | 105 views

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Hi, and thank you for reaching out, and for your patience. Your example query now works, and the des_dr2 tables are also available in the xmatch tool.

Please let us know if you experience any more troubles.


answered Feb 15 by robertdemo (2,340 points)

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