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Hi DataLab team, 

I was trying to import a table but I get the message 'Error importing MyDB table: relation "mydb" does not exist' on the xmatch service and Jupiter-notebook. On the other hand there is another issue with the decaps_dr1.object table, since the service does not recognize the columns, so I'm not able to select RA and DEC. 

Thank you in advance!

Andrea Mejías

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Hi Andrea,

the decaps_dr1.object table now offers .ra and .dec columns in the x-match web tool. Take it for a spin!

Regarding the issue with a mydb table not being available... Can you please post a minimal code sample here, or send us a minimal notebook file (to datalab@noirlab.edu) that shows what you are trying to do, and how it fails? (It would be much easier for us to diagnose it then.)

Thank you!

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Hi Robert!
I'm trying to import the table with this line;

print ('Local file result: '   + qc.mydb_import ('e608', 'VVVX_disk/e608_vosa.csv'))

And the error:
Local file result: Error importing MyDB table: relation "mydb.e608" does not exist

Andrea Mejías
Hi Andrea,

I can't seem to reproduce your issue right away. Can you please confirm that VVVX_disk/ is a directory located at the same level as your notebook file? I.e., from the notebook, in a new cell, you should be able to do

!ls VVVX_disk/e608_vosa.csv

Does that work?
Or is the VVVX_disk/ directory maybe on your VOSpace? Then you would have to import like this:


Let us know if this helped. Otherwise, we will dig deeper.


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