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I can access data from the delve_dr1 objects table using

SELECT q3c_dist(ra,dec, 247.725,-0.972) AS dist, * FROM delve_dr1.objects WHERE 't' = Q3C_RADIAL_QUERY(ra, dec,247.725,-0.972,0.1) ORDER BY dist ASC

however the same using the SIA service gives 0 rows:


I note that the radius for the q3c_radial_query part of the query is too large (2.0 deg), in the QUERY info tag given in the above results, but I suspect something else is to blame for the zero results.

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asked Mar 7 by bmiszalski (140 points) | 46 views

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The existing DELVE cutout service was stood up last summer for use by the collaboration in developing the data release.  Unfortunately, it hasn't since been updated with the complete image list used to generate the catalog, and so there is no image in the service at the requested position.  We'll need to generate a complete list of DELVE images and repopulate the data tables.  This will take several days once our storage system comes back online, in the interim you might want to use images from the main archive service to get cutouts for inspection purposes.

Thanks for bringing this to our attention and we apologize for the inconvenience.
answered Mar 8 by datalab (11,220 points)

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