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I'm trying to access images using the url "https://datalab.noao.edu/sia/nsa" and it was working fine for a while, but starting yesterday, I started getting this error below. Is there anything I can do to fix this or is it just a server issue? 

DALServiceError: 502 Server Error: Proxy Error for url: https://datalab.noao.edu/sia/nsa?POS=189.58%2C-40.89&SIZE=0.1322807784449562%2C0.1&FORMAT=ALL&INTERSECT=OVERLAPS&VERB=2
asked Mar 26 by jmedoff (160 points) | 75 views

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Please try again, the service has been restarted.  Thanks for letting us know.
answered Mar 26 by datalab (12,020 points)
It's working now, thank you!

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