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I commented on the previous question, but I don't think you were notified. I've been getting the same error as people were getting previously whenever I try to run the SIA server:

DALServiceError: 502 Server Error: Proxy Error for url: https://datalab.noao.edu/sia/calibrated_all?POS=34.0505%2C-4.239361&SIZE=0.06684957185594578%2C0.06666666666666667&FORMAT=ALL&INTERSECT=OVERLAPS&VERB=2

I'm trying to access https://datalab.noao.edu/sia/calibrated_all each time, although I've tried with several other SIA URLs. I've been checking back periodically over the past week, thinking maybe the server was temporarily down, but I'm getting the same error each time. Is this something on my end, or is there an issue with the server?



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Hi Delaney,

Thanks for letting us know, the server has been restarted.  It resets itself periodically but shouldn't have been down for a full week but may been crashing more frequently due to a heavy load.  We are working to make the service more reliable, thanks for your patience.
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Hi, no worries at all! It is now running with most of the URLs I try, but I'm still getting an error for the one I would actually like to run it on (https://datalab.noao.edu/sia/calibrated_all ). The new error is:

DALQueryError: DBMS query error (ERROR: relation "ivoa_calibrated.all" does not exist
  Position: 31)

Any idea what might be causing that? I'm getting the error even with the SIA image cutout example notebook, so I don't think it's my code.
That's a different problem that I just fixed, so please try again.  It was an old configuration file pointing to a now-renamed table.
That worked! Thank you for all of your help.

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