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Dear Helpdesk,

     I am trying to make a large query via a Jupyter notebook (following the advice given in another Helpdesk ticket "how to bulk download the catalog without exceeding the time limit"), however it is unclear if the query is still running, completed or failed?! The query is posted below:

lmc1 = qc.query(sql='SELECT objectid, ra, dec, filter, mag_aper2, magerr_aper2, class_star, flags FROM nsc_dr2.meas WHERE class_star < 0.5 AND flags = 0 AND Q3C_RADIAL_QUERY(ra, dec, 80.21, -69.58, 15.6)', async_ = True, timeout = 3600, out = 'vos://nsc2_lmc.csv')

and upon checking the status of the query I see 'EXECUTING', however after several hours I see nothing and so it is unclear to me whether the query is still running or has failed. I also see no output in my vospace, so do I need to re-submit the query or just keep on waiting? Any help you could provide would be much appreciated.



asked Jun 3 by cameronbell (180 points) | 177 views
Dear Helpdesk,

     Can I ask if anyone is able to help me with this issue?



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Hi Cameron, thank you for reaching out, and apologies for the delayed response.

You query has a really large search radius (15.6 degrees). This will either run very long time, or timeout, or even fail with memory issues. I haven't tested it, but maybe you could try to select using a simple RA/Dec bounding box instead?

And just in case you wanted to run a very long query, the async timeout can be set up to 24 hours, or 86400 seconds.

Please let us know if this was useful.

answered Jun 19 by robertdemo (2,340 points)

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