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When I perform a simple cone search with TAP, the brickname column values are "0" for all results. The brickid seems fine, but I wish to use brickname since that's what is displayed when hovering over cataloged sources using the viewer.

This also appears to apply to ls_dr8.
asked Jul 1 by anonymous | 35 views

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Hi, thank you for reaching out. We can not confirm that the `brickname` columns in `ls_dr9.tractor` and `ls_dr8.tractor` are empty. In fact, no single row in these columns is empty; they all an 8-char length string value.

Could you please provide a minimal example of the query where you end up with empty `brickname` columns? You can reply to this post, or if that's easier (e.g. to send a minimal notebook example), you can email to datalab@noirlab.edu, and we'll pick up from there.

Thank you!

answered Jul 8 by robertdemo (2,340 points)

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